Anastasios Lepipas

PhD Student @ apss


I am Anastasios Lepipas, a first-year PhD student at the Computing Department of Imperial College London. I am a member of the APSS Lab, advised by Professor Soteris Demetriou. My research interests broadly include Security of Mobile and IoT devices.
Prior to joining Imperial College, I received my MSc in Information Security from Department of Computer Science of University College London and my BSc in Informatics from School of Information Science & Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business.
I have worked as a Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Information Studies of UCL and I did my internship in Athens Stock Market as a Software Engineer. Also, I am a Microsoft Student Partner since 2016.

Outside the office, I play the drums, football and table tennis. I am currently looking for partners, so feel free to e-mail me!

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