2022 (3)

  • Dominika Woszczyk, Anna Hledikova, Alican Akman, Soteris Demetriou, Björn Schuller, Data Augmentation for Dementia Detection in Spoken Language, Proc. Interspeech 2022, pp.2858–2862, 2022
  • Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin, Jos'e-Rodrigo C'ordoba-Pach'on, Lynne Coventry, Soteris Demetriou, Charles Weir, Vision: Design Fiction for Cybersecurity: Using Science Fiction to Help Software Developers Anticipate Problems, Proceedings of the 2022 European Symposium on Usable Security, pp.79–84, 2022
  • Zhongyuan Hau, Soteris Demetriou, Emil C Lupu, Using 3D Shadows to Detect Object Hiding Attacks on Autonomous Vehicle Perception, Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things, 2022

2021 (6)

  • Zhongyuan Hau, Kenneth T Co, Soteris Demetriou, Emil C Lupu, Object Removal Attacks on LiDAR-based 3D Object Detectors, Third International Workshop on Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Security (AutoSec) - co-located with NDSS, 2021, *Runner-Up for Best Short Paper Award*
  • Zhongyuan Hau, Soteris Demetriou, Luis Muñoz-González, Emil C. Lupu, Shadow-Catcher: Looking Into Shadows to Detect Ghost Objects in Autonomous Vehicle 3D Sensing, 26th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2021
  • Fan Mo, Anastasia Borovykh, Mohammad Malekzadeh, Hamed Haddadi, Soteris Demetriou, Layer-wise Characterization of Latent Information Leakage in Federated Learning, 2021, Distributed and Private Machine Learning workshop - co-located with ICLR.
  • Dominika Woszczyk, Alvin Lee, Soteris Demetriou, Open, Sesame! Introducing Access Control to Voice Services, 2021, to appear in the 1st Workshop on Security and Privacy for Mobile AI (MAISP'21) - co-located with ACM MobiSys 2021.
  • Chengzeng You, Zhongyuan Hau, Soteris Demetriou, Temporal Consistency Checks to Detect LiDAR Spoofing Attacks in Autonomous Vehicle Perception, 2021, to appear in the 1st Workshop on Security and Privacy for Mobile AI (MAISP'21) - co-located with ACM MobiSys 2021.
  • Sojhal Khan, Dominika Woszczyk, Chengzeng You, Soteris Demetriou, Muhammad Naveed, Characterizing Improper Input Validation Vulnerabilities of Mobile Crowdsourcing Services, 2021, To appear in the 2021 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference.

2020 (1)

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