The Applications and Systems Security Lab (apss) was established in 2018 at the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. We leverage a multitude of techniques to study mobility (localization, navigation etc.) and security aspects (confidentiality, integrity, authentication and authorization) in emerging application domains. In particular, we utilize access control, optimization, machine learning and natural language processing among others to tackle prevalent threats and challenges in an ever-connected world.

Our work focuses on three main research thrusts:

Director: Dr. Soteris Demetriou

Related Modules at Imperial College: 447 Advanced Security [Description] [Website]

We currently have open positions for motivated PhD students (details here) passionated about smartphone and IoT security. Research experience in this or similar area is preferred. If you are interested, please send Dr. Soteris Demetriou an email using “Prospective Security PhD Student” as subject. 
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